The Red Cross App

redcross log.png

N, A. (2015). Australian Red Cross [Logo]. Retrieved from


As part the course, we were required to get into groups to research and analyse an existing interactive design as a form of understanding and inspiration.

I was partnered with Fariha and Shane and we decided to do our precedent presentation / research on the Red Cross App.

We were then required to answer questions as part of our research. Below are the questions and answers we as a group researched based on the Red Cross App.


What is the interactive about?

What is interactive about.png

Who is it designed for? (Target Audience)

Who is it desgined for.png

What knowledge does it assume of the target audience i.e. digital literacy?

What does it assume.png

Describe the type of user interaction/user interface.

User interaction.png

What can you say about the visual design? How could you describe the style?

visual style.png

  • Typography

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 5.49.25 pm.png

  • Layout


  • Colours


What improvements would you suggest?


To end the presentation, we as a group decided to play a short video tutorial clip demonstrating the Red Cross App and how it can be used.

Red Cross App Tutorial.png

Hence, the Red Cross App is a great example of an instructional interactive design which can help everyday individuals with medical training and assistance. Through the use of electronic devices such as your phone, all individuals can have access and interact with the application.


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