Assessment 2 Text Description, Sitemap and User Interface Flow Diagram Activity

In today’s tutorial session, we started planning the elements of text description; site mapping and user interface flow diagrams of our assessment 2 prototype idea.

User Interface.png

Image: N, A. (2016). User Interface [Image]. Retrieved from

As a class activity we had to make up all the step by step text of our interactive how to idea, as well as draw a sitemap of what our website/app will look like and finally using that site map to plan out our user interface flow and how our interactive design will be used.

Text Descriptions

It was advised that if we were not doing a specific instructional interactive design, we had to include 1 or 2 text descriptions. Thus I chose to do 2 text description for my DIY recycling interactive design idea.

The first text description consists of 15 steps on “How to Create a DIY Herb Garden using Soda Cans”

The second text description consists of 13 steps on “How to Create a DIY Desk Organiser using Cardboard”


Below is a sample of a sitemap of my interactive design idea.

Sitemap Assessment 2 Diagram.jpeg

UI Flow Diagram

Finally, through referencing from the sitemap, we were asked to sketch out a single screen interface (UI) for our interactive design idea.

Below is a sample of a rough user interface flow diagram.

UI Assessment 2 Flow Diagram.jpeg

Through this tutorial activity we were able to start planning for our assessments 2 prototyping ideas that is due in week 7.


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