Mood Board and User Persona Activity



 Image: N, A. (2015). Moodboard [Image]. Retrieved


In today’s studio session, we started with an activity where we would create a mood board for a hypothetical user persona.  After that introduction, we then moved on to creating our own user personas for our assessment 2 using the program Xtensio.

Below is Dave Smith’s User Persona.


IMAGE: N, A. (2017). User Persona Dave Smith [IMAGE]. RETRIEVED FROM

Based on his user persona above, we then constructed the mood board through the use of Adobe Photoshop.

Below is Dave Smiths Persona- Mood Board  that I have constructed.

Dave Smiths Moodboard (user persona class example).jpg

After this activity, we then moved on into creating our own user personas for assessment 2 using a programme called Xtensio.

Below are two hypothetical user personas that could possibly use my interactive design idea for assessment 2.

User Persona- Emma Lee.png

User Persona- Aaron Smith.png









Through this studio activity, we were able to complete an aspect of our assessment, as well as understand the purpose of user personas in interactive design.


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