Precedent 3: Uber


Interactive Design- Example 3 A.png

Image: N, A. (2017). Uber Home Page [Image]. Retrieved from


Uber is an example of an interactive design interface that users use in order to access a car service at any time of the day. Uber being made available internationally and locally, users are able to go to any of desired places at a lower cost.


Interactive Design- Example 3 B.png

Image: N, A. (2017). Uber Pricing Location Estimate Page [Image]. Retrieved from


Uber is a transportation company that can be access through their web browser site or app on any smart phone or digital device. In their interfaces, users can submit a trip request, which is automatically sent to an Uber driver nearest to the users location. The driver, who will be driving their own personal car will pick up the user and bring them to their requested destination. Uber also automatically figures out the navigational route for the driver, calculates the distance and fare, and transfers the payment to the driver through online credit card charging, without users having to say a word or getting their wallets out.


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