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Instructional Design Definition.jpg

Image: N, A. (2017). Uber Pricing Location Estimate Page [Image]. Retrieved from


Information or instructional design from my understanding is defined as the process of demonstrating how to do something or explain how something works to it’s intended audience through designers using various elements of interactivity, design, information and layout in order to create a final outcome. The process of instructional design involves determining the users needs and or possible problems that they may experience. Through this process will help find the end goal of the instruction and as a result designers are able to create a clear step by step instructional design. Common examples of instructional designs include instructional diagrams of “how to” steps that can be found when purchasing a piece of furniture at Ikea. These diagrams are designed to make the users experience and problems easier to fix and understand, hence the main purpose behind information and or instructional design.


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