Precedent 1: Red Cross First Aid App

redcross log.png

N, A. (2015). Australian Red Cross [Logo]. Retrieved from


The official Australian Red Cross First Aid app is an example of an instructional design that gives users instant access to the information that they need to know to handle the most common first aid emergencies.


Red Cross App Screens.png

N, A. (2015). Australian Red Cross App Screens . Retrieved from


The Red Cross App is a free smart phone or digital device application that provides users an inbuilt interactive interface that allows users to react in real time to emergency and disaster events. The app enables users to choose from a multitude of scenarios and provides solutions facilitated through back end flowcharts, which narrow down possible cause and effects, and solutions. Common instructional designs demonstrated in the app are video tutorials and step-by-step diagrams on situations such as how to cure burns, perform CPR or how to treat allergies. This allows not only allows users to easily fix the problems they are experiencing but as well allows users to interactively reference the information that is in front of their screens and apply that in real time.


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