Xtension Home Page.png

Image: N, A. (2017). Xtensio Home Page [Image]. Retrieved from https://xtensio.com/user-persona/


With users and designers developing interactive designs, they will first need to asses hypothetical users that may use their project design and concepts. Xtensio is a free easy to use website tool that allows users and designers to better plan, strategize and develop their future businesses through design templates. Designers and users understanding their target audience’s behavioural needs and wants are key steps towards developing a success interactive design. Commonly Xtensio is used to create hypothetical user persona’s that are assessed by the user or designer to eliminate any aspect of the project that doesn’t work or draws potential users away from using the interactive design. Users and designers can create user persona’s through various template styles and personalise their own folio and easy to use in-line editing features, and connects to live data.


Xtension User Persona Example.png

Image: N, A. (2017). Xtensio Home Page [Image]. Retrieved from https://app.xtensio.com/folio/v4kkxres?_ga=1.267802380.341684322.1489992389


To visit the Link, click below:


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