Ink Onda Paper: Typeface


Ink Onda Paper Home Page.png

Image: N, A. (2017). Ink Onda Paper Home Page [Image]. Retrieved from


With users and designers developing interactive designs it is essential to pick the right typefaces in order to convey the messages and concepts clearly across to other users. Ink Onda Paper is a creative blog where users and designers can have free access to in order to get useful information, facts and inspiration. Vital information such as what kind of typeface to use in interactive screen interfaces are located in the blog, where there a flow chart map which breaks down the perfect typeface for the intended project. Through this tool allows users and designers to establish what typeface works and what don’t. It also allows them to do a trial and error with using various typefaces to see if the information or messages of the project is readable, clear and valid.



Image: N, A. (2017). Ink Onda Paper Typeface Page [Image].
Retrieved from


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