Logo Book Home Page.png

Image: N, A. (2017). Logobook Home Page [Image]. Retrieved from http://www.logobook.com/


With users and designers developing interactive designs like apps it is essential to develop a good brand logo to clearly represent the projects purpose and meaning. Logobook is an online website database where it contains various logo designs that are created and used around the world. The website allows users and designers to browse through the logos history, creator, what company is designed for and how it was printed or made. Through the database, can allow users and designers to gain inspiration towards their own logo designs and see what aspects and design choices work well to represent the particular brand or product. This process will then allow them to create a logo that clearly conveys the meaning behind their intended project.


Logo Example Information.png

Image: N, A. (2017). Logobook Example Log Info Page [Image].
Retrieved fromĀ http://www.logobook.com/logo/100th-aniversary-of-the-printing-industries-of-new-york/


To visit the Link, click below:


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