About Me


My name is Maria. E and I’m currently a design student.

Being based in Sydney Australia, I have always had an interest in design, especially in the field of photomedia. One of the things I love are capturing aesthetically beautiful images that captivates the audience’s attention. In hopes that one day I can professionally work as a photographer or be in the field of photomedia.

Everyday I am constantly inspired by various designers and their iconic and unique styles. My favourite forms of design styles include minimalistic, simple and clean-cut designs. Looking at various artists works and everyday individuals acknowledging their hard work towards their designs, motivates me to becoming a successful designer one day.


About the Blog

Welcome to the Interactive Digital Media.

Here, the blog will contain weekly lecture reflections, summaries, exercises in class and other forms of topics in relation to interactive digital media.

Each week a blog post will be posted, not only as a form of online documentation for the unit, but it will also create a professional online presence for everyone to see.

The blog will allow all users to better understand and broaden their knowledge towards Interactive Digital Media.