Interactive Design- Example 3

Precedent 3: Uber


Interactive Design- Example 3 A.png

Image: N, A. (2017). Uber Home Page [Image]. Retrieved from


Uber is an example of an interactive design interface that users use in order to access a car service at any time of the day. Uber being made available internationally and locally, users are able to go to any of desired places at a lower cost.

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Interactive Design- Example 2

Precedent 2: WordPress


Interactive Design- Example 2 A.png

Image: N, A. (2017). WordPress Home Page [Image]. Retrieved from


WordPress is an example of an interactive design interface that users use in order to create functioning websites or blogs through pre-made templates. They are then given options to change aspect of the layout to their preferred design such as colour, adding and removing of text and images.

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Interactive Design- Definition

Personal Definition


Image: N, A. (2015). Bill Verplank Interaction Design  [Image].
Retrieved from


Interactive design from my understanding is defined as the process where designers focus on creating engaging interfaces that meet user behaviours and needs. It is a process of connecting the digital world to the human one, where screen based content connects users to various electronic devices. Interactive design is also a problem solving process where it involves understanding how users communicate and use technology with one another. Through effective interactive design allows users desired experiences and better communication. Apps such as red cross survival and websites such as Pinterest are common examples of interactive designs where users use and interact as a form of problem solving tool and or for entertaining experiences.