Week 6: Classwork

Wireframes and UI Screen Interface Compositions For Assessment 2



Image: N, A. (2014). Wireframe Example [Image]. Retrieved
from http://www.conceptdraw.com/solution-park/software-website-wireframe


In today’s studio session, we continued with our assessment task 2 and were asked to quickly and roughly sketch out our individual wireframes for our project.

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Week 5: Class Work

Mood Board and User Persona Activity



 Image: N, A. (2015). Moodboard [Image]. Retrieved
from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xf8P38YpZo


In today’s studio session, we started with an activity where we would create a mood board for a hypothetical user persona.  After that introduction, we then moved on to creating our own user personas for our assessment 2 using the program Xtensio.

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Week 3: Class Work

Wireframes and Compositions using Adobe Illustrator


Image: N, A. (2016). Wireframe [Image]. Retrieved from

In today’s studio session, we continued with the process of “How to make toast” from last weeks tutorial.

As a class activity, we were asked to create a wireframe for a sample interactive app on “How to Meme”. As reference to the composition produced by the teacher, we were asked to produce a wireframe layout, through using Adobe Illustrator and templates.

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Week 2: Class Work Part 2

Introduction to Site Maps, UI Flows, Wireframes and Compositions.

In todays tutorial session, we continued with the process of making toast and we were asked to map out a user flow diagram for “How to Make Toast”.

Below is an image of the user flow diagram of “How to Make Toast” that I had a go at sketching.

User Flow- Making Toast .png

As you can see above, each screen is different and therefore demonstrates a quick overview of what may happen in each slide when users use the interactive design.

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