Welcome to the Links

Welcome to the links section.

Here, you will find various essential links that are in relation with interactive digital media and design. These links can be used as key tools towards better creating or developing a better understanding towards interactive design and can be applied to any future design project.



Week 6: User Scenarios

User Scenario.png

Image: N, A. (2015) User Scenarios [Image]. Retrieved
from http://www.uxforthemasses.com/scenario-mapping/

In this weeks lecture it focuses on introducing, user scenarios and how through using user personas can be applied to in order to produce scenarios.

User scenarios are the stories, which user personas act out. User scenarios are thought out exercises though represented visually, in which the designer predicts certain types of users represented by designer’s personas will interact with your project in a given situation in order to complete a given goal.

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Week 2: Process and Context

In this weeks lecture it focused on introducing the concept of context, and how the process of design is an important component to consider when designing interactive.

There are to two areas that are needed to be considered when talking about context.



Image: Waterson, S. (2016). Context [Screenshot]. Retrieved
from https://vimeo.com/159662636


But, before evaluating the context for use and contexts of use, it is useful to have an idea of the interactive design process and how creating ideas can eventually leads us to context.

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Introducing The IDM

Welcome to the Interactive Digital Media.

Here, the blog will contain weekly lecture reflections, summaries, exercises in class and other forms of topics in relation to interactive digital media.

Each week a blog post will be posted, not only as a form of online documentation for the unit, but it will also create a professional online presence for everyone to see.