Week 2: Class Work Part 2

Introduction to Site Maps, UI Flows, Wireframes and Compositions.

In todays tutorial session, we continued with the process of making toast and we were asked to map out a user flow diagram for “How to Make Toast”.

Below is an image of the user flow diagram of “How to Make Toast” that I had a go at sketching.

User Flow- Making Toast .png

As you can see above, each screen is different and therefore demonstrates a quick overview of what may happen in each slide when users use the interactive design.

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Week 2: Process and Context

In this weeks lecture it focused on introducing the concept of context, and how the process of design is an important component to consider when designing interactive.

There are to two areas that are needed to be considered when talking about context.



Image: Waterson, S. (2016). Context [Screenshot]. Retrieved
from https://vimeo.com/159662636


But, before evaluating the context for use and contexts of use, it is useful to have an idea of the interactive design process and how creating ideas can eventually leads us to context.

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Week 2: Class Work Part 1

Storyboarding “How to Make Toast”


Image: N, A. (2010). Storyboard Template [Photograph]. Retrieved
from http://www.eslstudentpublications.com/storyboards/

In today’s studio session, we continued with the process of “How to make toast” from last weeks tutorial.

Therefore, we were asked with using the step by step process we created, to produce a narrative storyboard demonstrating the steps of “How to make toast” through the use of illustration.

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