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Interface Sketch


Interface Sketch Home Page.png

Image: N, A. (2017). Interface Sketch Home Page [Image]. Retrieved from


With users and designers creating interactive designs it is essential to create wireframes of possible design project layouts and ideas. Therefore, Interface Sketch is a website users and designers can access for free in order to obtain various templates such as a template for a website, mobile device and or tablet. They can download all the files for free, where folders would contain different files for the designer and users preference like photoshop, illustrator or jpeg etc. Through users and designers using the templates allows them to clearly design the layout and style of their interactive project. Wireframes is a key step towards determining what aspects works in your interactive project and what doesn’t through it’s screen interface display and functionality.

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Week 6: Classwork

Wireframes and UI Screen Interface Compositions For Assessment 2



Image: N, A. (2014). Wireframe Example [Image]. Retrieved


In today’s studio session, we continued with our assessment task 2 and were asked to quickly and roughly sketch out our individual wireframes for our project.

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Week 3: Class Work

Wireframes and Compositions using Adobe Illustrator


Image: N, A. (2016). Wireframe [Image]. Retrieved from

In today’s studio session, we continued with the process of “How to make toast” from last weeks tutorial.

As a class activity, we were asked to create a wireframe for a sample interactive app on “How to Meme”. As reference to the composition produced by the teacher, we were asked to produce a wireframe layout, through using Adobe Illustrator and templates.

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Week 2: Class Work Part 2

Introduction to Site Maps, UI Flows, Wireframes and Compositions.

In todays tutorial session, we continued with the process of making toast and we were asked to map out a user flow diagram for “How to Make Toast”.

Below is an image of the user flow diagram of “How to Make Toast” that I had a go at sketching.

User Flow- Making Toast .png

As you can see above, each screen is different and therefore demonstrates a quick overview of what may happen in each slide when users use the interactive design.

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